Scott Reid Real Estate

Marketing Your Home

The goal when marketing your home is to gain as much exposure in the market as possible, within the smallest amount of time.  Increased exposure in the housing market will put your home in front of the largest number of potential buyers, giving you the best chance of receiving multiple offers, which tend to foster an atmosphere where perspective buyers will offer their highest price in order to compete.  Scott has developed a marketing strategy that offers your mom maximum exposure once it hits the market by ensuring the following;
1. Provide a Free Staging Consultation 
Scott’s stager will come to your property to assess and compile a list of recommendations to prepare your home for the market.  A staging professional is trained to look for, and provide solutions for “buyer barriers”, various things that have the potential to deter potential buyers from your property. 

2. Professional Photography and Video  
Did you know that listings with professional photos and video sell for more money?  Not only that, they sell quicker.  92% of home buyers (according to use the internet as part of their home search, which means listing photos and video are a critical factor.  They will determine the selling price of your home, help attract the right buyers, and ensure the proper traffic through your property. 

3. Professional Print Marketing
Printed materials such as flyers, pamphlets, postcards, etc that buyers can take home which include professional photos and list the major selling points.  These materials will be distributed during open houses and showings, as well as throughout your neighbourhood and community.
4.  Online Presence  
Marketing online is vital for selling a home in today’s real estate market.  Scott has developed some of the best strategies for web-based marketing, which will gain the maximum exposure across real estate sites using the latest search-engine optimization techniques.  Your home will also be shown though Scott’s own network of websites, including, social media outlets and on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

5. Scrutiny
The final component to Scott’s successful marketing strategy is scrutiny.  Scott tracks and analyzes all of the showing activity, online traffic, and feedback from showing agents.  This is the best avenue for the market to “speak to you” and having that information will allow us to modify and adjust specific parts of the marketing plan to evaluate its effectiveness.??